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‘Crawlspace’, The Review of Australian Fiction, Vol.19, Issue 6, 2016.

In 1987, baby Marlene witnesses her father mutilated in a Port Moresby compound invasion, giving rise to a deep psychological scar and a powerful family secret. Twenty-five years later, Marlene finds her perfect match in outer-suburban Brisbane. Andy is a Visa-dependent teenage American escaping his past, and a cyber-security guard who can lay his hands on your money anytime he chooses.

An unplanned pregnancy gives urgency to Marlene and Andy’s next scam. But as Andy takes charge of the scam, is Marlene losing control of their relationship? And who is it that watches from the crawlspace under their humble house of dreams?

Crawlspace uses textual and linguistic variety drawn from digital platforms to explore how the quest for identity can twist into into toxic forces that both separate and bind us.


Provocare cover

Violence against women is endemic, while the creative expression of violence against women in crime fiction is popularly skewed towards ‘murder porn’, where threat becomes titillation. Can digital and transmedia literature enable crime writing to challenge predatory viewpoints and express lesser-heard voices?

‘Provocare’ (pron. Prov-oh-car-ay) is adapted from my original work, Provocation, a novelette commissioned by literary journal Review of Australian Fiction. Working with collaborators Mez Breeze (design and web development) and Donna Hancox (project manager), ‘Provocare’ was an opportunity to develop practical skills in digital literature, as well as to investigate emerging issues in feminist literary theory.

You can read my article about ‘Provocare’ on The Writing Platform here, and view the creative work here.



Feral“, Island Magazine, Autumn, 2013.

In “Feral”, two teenage girls explore a world of natural beauty and precocious risk on isolated Kurrigee Island, until adult affairs tear them apart. “Feral” is excerpted from a novella length work The Centre, a literary thriller which explores unspoken truths of girlhood and the erotic passion of belonging, leading us to consider the power of love in liminal spaces.


The Great ‘Gabba Mystery: Story City

Written by: Meg Vann, Art by: Clare Neal, Music by: Schae

MV10 compThere’s a heist in progress under your very eyes. Catch the thief and solve the case!

You have responded to a job ad as a local Private Investigator, but your interview goes awry when you witness a crime in progress in Woolloongabba’s vintage heart. Equipped only with your wits and a police radio, it’s up to you to help P.I Street catch the thief, in this glamorous noir adventure. Get ready for getaway cars, gangsters, goddesses and aliens – this mystery in the heart of the ‘Gabba Precinct, where pretty meets ugly and sport meets art, will test all your deductive skills. Will you save the day and land the job?

Story City is a digital storytelling experience that puts you in the story. Through a free interactive app, it combines fictional choose-your-own-adventure style stories with physical locations, allowing the fantasy to become ‘real’ to the reader. This adventure starts at the Police Beat at 6 Logan Rd, Woolloongabba.



Provocation“, The Review of Australian Fiction, Vol. 1, Issue 6, 2012.

“Provocation” is a thriller novelette. A young woman recovering from anorexia is covertly stalked by an inappropriately devoted security guard at her dream job. This middle-aged man has access to her every move, and an array of rationalisations to justify his increasing surveillance. Her uniquely disordered thinking becomes her best defence. But the stress triggers deepening psychosis, leading to an endgame where meaning and motive are as murky as the depths of a river in flood.


Publications: Non Fiction

During the course of my studies and work in creative writing, I produce articles on a range of related topics – especially crime fiction, and digital futures. I will share them here, and look forward to your comments and discussion.

Genre and gender: reading domestic noir through the lens of feminist criminology Published October 2019 in TEXT Journal Special Issues Series Number 57 

The Menace of Intimacy: Domestic Noir, Feminist Criminology, and Emily Maguire’s An Isolated Incident.  Published 3 December 2018 in the Australian Literary Studies Journal Genre Worlds: Popular Fiction in the Twenty-First Century.

New Processes, Old Conversations: How agile methodologies for developing and releasing content provide authentic, creative solutions for authors and publishers to secure audience share in an evolving market. Published in Meanland 2012

An Introduction to Feminist Readings in Crime Fiction: An Annotated Bibliography Research paper 2008