InSecurity Triptych

Book cover showing a bloodstained security lanyard with text overlay: "3 novellas, 3 security guards, 3 nightmares. The Insecurity Triptych by Meg Vann."


50 pp • Ebook (Mobi/Epub) and Chapbook • ISBN 9781922478037
Release Date: February 22, 2021 | Read an excerpt of Provocation

How much do you know about the people who keep you safe?

Provocation is a taut psychological thriller about the lines between threat and safety. Reminiscent of Claire Mackintosh and CL Taylor, the first instalment of Meg Vann’s InSecurity Triptych pits a young woman’s instincts against a system determined to prove her wrong.

Madeline Kyle is putting her life back together, throwing herself into a new library job after years of restrictive psychiatric care. Ready to put her past behind her and prove she can stand on her own, Madeline cleaves to personal rules and routines in order to hold back the paranoia and anorexia nervosa that first derailed her life.

For the first time, Madeline feels safe and in control of her future, but an encounter with a library security guard threatens everything she works for. Madeline’s instincts scream that his furtive interest is a harbinger of danger, but her therapist suggest it’s all in her head and perhaps she’s not ready to move out on her own.

To take action without a clear source of danger will put Madeline’s liberty and shiny new feature at risk, but letting her stalker’s behaviour escalates could risk far more.

Things rush towards a violent endgame as Madeline seeks refuge in the tunnels beneath her workplace, sparking a search that puts her in close proximity with the one man she wants to avoid at all costs.


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56 pp • Ebook (Mobi/Epub) and Chapbook • Print ISBN 9781922479082 • Digital ISBN 9781922479099
Release Date: May 24, 2021 

After the fraught game of cat-and-mouse that drove Provocation, Meg Vann continues the InSecurity Triptych in The Centre, where a lost child and kidnapped mother plunges a young security guard into the heart of an investigation where nothing is quite what it seems

Zilla Bannich is the junior security guard working the local shopping centre, a quiet misfit among the team of older, fatter men. Her boss is incompetent, her days predictable, and her home life a quiet struggle with her mother’s degenerative illness.

Zilla’s learned to keep her head down and avoid undue attention, but when her discovery of a lost child leads to an abducted mother and signs of physical abuse, there’s no avoiding the prying eyes of the police and her colleagues. As inconsistencies and tainted evidence accumulate, and Zilla’s connection to the child’s family is revealed, she becomes embroiled in the investigation … and a prime suspect in the kidnapping of the child’s mother.

As events rush towards their conclusion, Zilla must step up and immerse herself in the tangled threads of the investigation, working to ensure that child, mother, and Zilla herself are protected from the looming threat of angry men, corrupt systems, and the family secrets capable of ripping her sleepy suburban community apart.

For fans of Claire Mackintosh, CL Taylor, and Gillian Flynn, The Centre is the second book in the InSecurity Triptych — fast-paced and provocative psychological thrillers you can read in a single sitting.


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