Dangerous Play

I went back to my roots yesterday, when I was interviewed by the lovely Amy McDonald for ABC Radio Gold Coast to talk about murdering people in my imagination, or as some people call it, writing crime fiction.

It was surprisingly cathartic to revisit my formative influences, like the wild beauty and dangerous play I enjoyed as a child on Kurrigee (South Stradbroke Island), which forms the setting for one of my stories, Feral. Growing up as an outsider, a bookish nerd with thick thighs and brown hair in a town that prized blondness and leanness above all, I always took great comfort in stories.

I wore my hand-knitted Jughead beanie during the interview for good luck.

If you are interested in hearing more about the early influences that bred in me a sharp sense of justice and an appetite for understanding human motives, here is the 15-minute interview…and a huge thank you to all my friends, family, and readers who listened and sent supportive messages!


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