Who says you can’t teach an old dag new tricks?

I’ve spent years watching my kids have a blast at singing-swimming classes, tiny tots gym, music and movement lessons, etc etc. I’ve had it. Much as I love to see them learn and giggle and grow, I wasn’t put on this earth just to chauffeur other folks around to the fun.

So when I finally green-lighted their campaign to study martial arts, my boys were amazed to find mama standing next to them chanting the ‘Hana-Dool-Sets‘! I feel strong, throwing out those punches. I feel balanced, sending out those kicks. I feel only a little bit silly, blocking with my knife hand.

It’s not research for my book as such – like when I went for my Recreational Marine Driver Licence, and found myself grappling a twin-hulled, twin-throttled beast of the sea. (I am now legal to captain a vessel up to 50 metres in length – yikes!) But my family martial arts sessions are definitely helping with a feisty state of mind – my protagonist shero is as determined as she is preggers. I love experiencing and embodying the powerful opportunities available to women today.

So bag-snatchers beware – I am going to be one kick-arse old lady, one day!

That's Ms Captain to you!
That's Ms Captain to you!

Welcome to my new blog!

If you know me, you know I love reading and writing crime fiction, and being a mama. I’ve figured out a way to combine my interests: now I study maternal feminist crime fiction!

I can’t stop until the case is closed [to paraphrase Sara Paretsky]…

If you like crime fiction too, or if you’re a parent struggling to find the elusive work/life balance, join me here at mamaguilt to share and explore our experiences.