Winning Trent!

There is a great interview with talented speculative fiction author and all-round good egg, Trent Jamieson, over at fangbooks.

picture of author Trent JamiesonTrent talks about setting stories in your home town:

We’re all here, as writers to tell the stories that are important to us, and Brisbane is very important to me. From the brown, and slightly ominous coils of the Brisbane River to the flashing transmitters atop Mt Coot-tha, and the knitting needle bunches of the Kurilpa Bridge Brisbane is full of stories (and the possibility of adventure, explosions and love).

Certainly, one of the striking features of Trent’s Death Works series is the amazing sense of place: from the awesome and ominous One Tree underworld stemming from Mount Coot-tha, to the white-shoe brigade business culture informing the management of Death, Trent draws on his hometown to create rich and fantastic realities.

You can also win copies of Trent’s terrific books. All you need to do is leave a comment ON THE FANGBOOKS BLOG by Friday afternoon 15 April explaining why you think Australia makes for an interesting setting for a book (or not!).

Plum genre-bender

Crime fic is at the top of my reading lovelist, no doubt about it. But spec fic is a close second. Usually hard sci fi, but fantasy sometimes does it for me, too.

So I’m very interested to see Evanovich’s brave experiment in crossing the streams. I’m halfway through Plum Spooky: I’m loving her intentions, and the execution ain’t half bad! Fantasy has just that floaty softness that crime fic doesn’t usually deliver. A tasty read indeed–and this from a palate suffering Plum-fatigue!

Of course, there’s the whole hard sci fi tradition of genre-bending with the time cop, space cop, continuum cop, et al. And TV audiences are familiar with the joys of the psychic detective. But these stories tend to take themselves So Very Seriously! Evanovich’s dash of riot grrrl – lipstick feminist slapstick – makes for a new breed. She puts the lovechild of Kinsey Milhone and Bridget Jones into the Forbidden Forest, with pleasing results.

The dash of genre-bending also helps overcome the dramatic gridlock of the Plum series. Now that Stephanie’s slept with both Ranger and Morelli , do we really care if she ends up with either of them? I’m afraid the cork has popped on that one for me. The pressure for bigger and better crimes has made for weaker plots, too. But “between the numbers” there is space to open up new love interests, and new spooky plotlines. Brilliant!

Can anyone offer other examples of feminist crime fic fantasy?