Research is fun!

I’m in the swing of editing my first manuscript, and feel the time is right to start developing the story idea for my second book. You know what that means… research!

And now my blood is roaring like a cannon. On the way home from work in Brisbane city, AKA Brisvegas/Brisrael/Brisbados , I impulsively stopped by a construction site. I climbed four flights of rickety scaffold stairs to lob into the site office. I was wearing a skirt and open-toed sandals, and carried a shopping bag holding pumpkin, bread, and toilet paper. A total pro!

I had to face my fear of mocking stares from blokes in hi-viz shirts, vertigo, and possible rejection. I turned around to leave half a dozen times before I cranked up the courage to JFDI. And you know what? The site manager was helpful, his wife is a fan of my genre, and I am now in negotiations for a tour of deep excavation work under a high-rise building!

This bit of research may even top the monster-truck experience for my first book…

8 thoughts on “Research is fun!

  1. Hey phenomenal woman!
    I just used an online dictionary because I was too lazy to get up from my computer. Damn you technology!
    research is fun. what’s next on your list of places to visit? have you visited a morgue yet? spoken to female cops? there should be more feminist crime novels around so I’m glad you got a grant to keep the writing going.

  2. Welcome to mamaguilt, littlej! Yes, technology is yet another thing for us to feel guilty about… so heartless, so handy!!

    I’ve been invited to attend an autopsy. An autopsy! I nearly died when I heard…

    If anyone knows any female cops I’d love to talk with them.

  3. Ooo an autopsy! when are you going to do that? that will be awesome for you. i do not know any female cops (i know a female trainee cop but she probably doesn’t count).

  4. Can you please use that line in your writing…

    I’ve been invited to attend an autopsy. An autopsy! I nearly died when I heard…

    I spluttered onto my screen when I read that, I was laughing so hard. (Can’t bring myself to type the acronym).

  5. I’m also looking for a female cop to interview about the next novel I’m working on, so if I find one I’ll pass on the info to you, Meg. Funnily enough, (not really so funny, maybe weird) I also need to interview a morgue attendant. But I’ve been into a morgue in a small country town so think I may use that description instead. Gives me the creeps a bit.

    1. Thanks, Kathy. I’ve just made contact with a PI to advise me on my current MS – very exciting! I cold called him last week, and he politely informed me it was 1am in London where he was working on a case … Oops! but he was very gracious and helpful none-the-less.
      Good luck for your morgue scene – sometimes just a few realistic details are all we need for verisimilitude, hey.

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