Poison and justice …

poison doughnut

I’ll blog about this fabulous Criminal Brief overview of self-publishing over at Speakeasy, but it is so useful I want to share it here as well – for two reasons.

In itself, it is a sage warning about the pitfalls of vanity publishing for writers (‘Neither authors nor readers are well-served by self-published fiction’), while outlining the usefulness of self-publishing for certain projects. 

But also, the site is one for crime buffs to watch, being A Mystery Short Story Web Log Project. Super cool!


Fictional or in real life, Melbourne’s upcoming Crime and Justice Festival has it covered. I am crying into my beautiful Pulp Fiction Press edition of Cocaine Blues that I won’t make it to hear Kerry Greenwood. If someone in the blogosphere is going, can you please tweet the highlights? Let me know so I can follow you!


Cake Week at the poison doughnut!  I want cake week at QWC!