Deadly Sex

Yesterday, Sisters in Crime (Brisbane Chapter) met to discuss a topic dear to our hearts and loins: sex in crime fiction.

I’m sure State Library patrons were wondering what the hell was going on behind the QWC acoustic curtain! As the Sisters shared sexcerpts from our works-in-progress, there were moments of graphic or inventive terminology (acroposthion, anyone?), as well as plenty of laughter, from shy giggles to howls of hilarity.

Some SinC writers prefer their fictional sex explicit, while others enjoy the tension more than the consummation. Some like it romantic, others deviant, or both! Most like it female-driven. We all agreed it was important that sex scenes worked as hard as any other scene to develop conflict (i.e. plot) and character – in most crime fiction,  a sex scene that existed purely to titillate would fall flat (apart from in some crime/erotica*).

We discussed the challenges in writing about sex:

  • finding fresh and non-objectifying ways to evoke sex scenes,
  • meeting readers’ generic expectations about the level of detail,
  • knowing when to resolve/consummate the build-up of URST** (especially tricky for writers of series titles – who else lost interest when Stephanie Plum finally got it on with Ranger?).

Of course, the Bad Sex in Fiction Awards got a mention: everyone agreed the 2010 winner was well-chosen for this line: ‘Like a lepidopterist mounting a tough-skinned insect with a too blunt pin he screwed himself into her.’


We also reflected on how difficult it was for us to share our sexcerpts. The women around the table were all mature, confident and experienced. And SinC is a supportive environment of skilled and encouraging critique buddies. Yet most of us felt a level of embarrassment when reading our sex scenes.

The meeting was a wonderful and empowering forum for better Deadly Sex.  I’d be really interested to know what crime writers you think write sex scenes well – please let me know in a comment, so I can check them out!


* which I hereby dub “Crimrot”. Not because it’s rotten – I’m all for it! But people who know me know I just have a thing for inventing portmanteau words.

**Unresolved Sexual Tension

2 thoughts on “Deadly Sex

  1. HI Meg
    Wish I could have been there yesterday – sounds like you had fun. I think Janet Evanovich does good sex scenes, although I agree it was disappointing when she finally got it on with Ranger. For my own taste, I find it sexier when it’s not explicit, but I think there’s a real art to it without resorting to the IKEA instruction manual method – (flange A goes into hole B). I am always aware also that a sex scene has to serve a purpose, to move the story forward, flesh out (!!) a character etc, rather than just being there for the sake of it, so that makes if doubly difficult. We need a whole workshop on it!
    Robin Storey

  2. Hi Robin,
    hehe IKEA instruction manual – good one! I love Leigh Redhead’s sex scenes – sexy, naughty, with just the right amount of detail.
    A workshop is a great idea. Hope we see you next month.

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