Have you noticed a greater-than-average serve of women-baiting and women-hating in the media of late? My Facebook and Twitter feeds are clogged with examples.

Peanuts Cartoon image: Lucy Van Pelt boxing Linus

And in the face of it, there are so many amazing women demonstrating grace, strength and intellect.

So I’ve decided to start collecting and celebrating them. You’ll find a new page at mamaguilt now: Sheroes. Please let me know a woman who is rocking your world, and why. We want to see pictures, read links, and understand why this woman is inspiring you, so please use the contact form on the Sheroes page to let me know – I’ll share it, and acknowledge your contribution.

Sheroes: rocking my world since Lucy Van Pelt.

And my Nana.

2 thoughts on “Sheroes

  1. That’s exactly what I’m hoping for, Nic 🙂
    I’ve already learnt about half a dozen new sheroes – so inspiring!

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