Real Life Hero

One of the things I love about writing crime is that I am compelled to consult with some of the coolest, most adventurous experts on the planet. One such expert who very generously gave me his time for a couple of phone calls outlining the basics of his work has now written a book of his own!

The Retriever: The True Story of a Child Retrieval Expert and the
Families he has Reunited By Grantlee Kieza, Keith Schafferius.

If the brief conversations I had with Keith Schafferius are anything to go by, this book will be a gripping read, providing insight into the high-stakes and sometimes heartbreaking work of retrieving abducted children.

Picture of Keith Schafferius
Keith Schafferius, Child Retrieval Detective

“Schafferius once posed as a Hollywood movie mogul, using a forged British Honduras passport and fake ID to win the confidence and support of Middle East officials, while trying to retrieve two abducted children.”



Keith helped me understand some of the ways in which an investigator might trace an international skip, so that I could construct a credible series of steps for my protagonist to follow as she tracked down an absconded fraudster (and possible murderer).

I am thrilled Keith has put his experiences into a book of his own, with the able assistance of journalist Grantlee Kieza, and I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!