The big finish…

Writers write, authors finish.

That’s what we tell people at QWC, and it’s a lesson I need to take to heart today. I’m encoutering *obstacles* in submitting my application for Varuna House’s Publisher Parternship program. Which obstacles?, you inquire. Well, thanks for asking: I’m far too busy to develop my submission package, plus my book totally sux, and of course there’s my perennial favourite, distraction.

Look – a squirrel! Sneezing! On youtube!

I have encouraged several of my wonderful talented writer friends to apply, and they have done so. The irony of my not submitting would be crushing. It’s no excuse that my first draft is a fairly raw w-i-p; the first 50 pages are polished, and the pitch and other required materials are good to go.

So the only thing holding me back is: me.

Last weekend I completed my first ever (mini) triathlon. I nearly didn’t make it. I stacked it a beauty on the bike leg, badly injuring my knee . But I laughed it off, got straight back on the bike, and even made it through the run. It hurt. It was hard. I didn’t think I could do it.

Pic of Meg with an injured knee after completing the triathlon.
The red badge of courage.

The key was: no matter what I thought or what I felt, I didn’t stop until I finished.

Are you procrastinating about an important goal today? Limp towards the finish line with me now!

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