Writing in community…

There are many commonly held misconceptions about the life of a writer. That we need divine inspiration and a sacred writing place for the muse to visit. Or that we all live as starving artists, sacrificing the most basic life skills for our craft. And of course, the big one: that we are solitary beasts, locked away from the world in our garrets.

My gregarious nature combines with a background in community work to challenge that stereotype. I love connecting with other writers and readers. There’s nothing more motivating than the knowledge another writing buddy is slaving away over the keyboard alongside me.

Image of Writing Racers 2009
Writing Race 2009

So I am totally psyched about the big social writing event happening tonight at QWC and AWMonline from 5.30-7.30pm (Australian Eastern Standard time). A bunch of writers, from beginner to established, are getting together in person or online to cheer each other on to awesome wordage. How often do you get the chance to write alongside the likes of Kim Wilkins, Katherine Howell, Michael Gerard Bauer, and Simon Groth, as well as all the other cool beginner and emerging writers who’ll be there tonight?!

It’s free to join in – just head over to www.AWMonline.com.au and click on the big FORUM button.